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What Actually Happens If You Have Too Much Protein?

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It will not make you fat. This much we know, however, unless you consume a monstrous amount of it you will be alright. There is much debate nowadays about how much protein you should consume in a sitting because apparently anything more than what your requirements are will either make …

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Cocaine Is Way, Way Worse For Your Brain Than You Thought


By Zeynep Yenisey Bad news for you, good news for science. A century ago, everyone loved cocaine. There was cocaine in wine, soda, cough drops, you name it. It was a wonder drug that could fix anything. Is your kid shy? Cocaine. Birthday present? Cocaine. Bad breakup? Cocaine. Nowadays, cocaine …

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Sussing Out Supplements – Which Ones You Should Be Using

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The question is as old as ever – “Which supplements should I buy?” If you can get the basics right, then the other supplements you buy will be added benefits to your hours spent in the gym. Multivitamin: This is crucial to ensure that you are getting the necessary requirements …

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Building Biceps With Joe Donnelly – This Is Not For The Faint Hearted

JD Arms Featured

If your biceps aren’t being trained the way this man does, have a seat:   Joe Donnelly is a former college and professional football player turned fitness model. Follow him on his website or Facebook page. 1) Concentration curl warmup 4×15 each arm 2) EZ bar curls 4×8 last set dropset …

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Five Simple Rules For Getting Rid Of That Stubborn Fat


People tend to over complicate the concept of getting rid of unwanted fat. These are, quite simply put, straightforward ways to banish that belly: 1. Proper diet: Nutrition is often overlooked because people feel that they can out-train a bad diet. The key to revealing those abs, and getting rid …

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World’s Strongest Man: Eddie Hall – The Deadlifting Demon

Eddie Hall Featured

While we are all trying to add to our personal best deadlift, this man puts us to shame: Quick Stats: Born: 15 January 1988 Height: 190cm Weight: 190kg Holds the record for being the UK’s strongest man for 2011 – 2015 consecutively. Eddie Hall holds the current world record for the …

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Motivation Monday: Holly Bricken

Holly Bricken Featured

Well, well, well… if Monday was looking a bit blue before this, at least now you can focus on a different kind of blue… bikini that is. Quick stats: Age: 34 Height: 178cm Weight: 62kg How did you get started with bodybuilding? I got into fitness during college when I …

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Woman Crush Wednesday…We’re Fixated On Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason Featured

How did you get started in this whole fitness thing, Jamie? Were you always an athlete? Growing up I’d always been active in sports and dance, but with age came responsibility and less time to do those things I’d once enjoyed. I decided to join a gym and began lifting …

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Monday Motivation: Heather Green


Fitness fundi Heather Green on being a go-getter when it comes to the fitness industry, and… her love of male booty. How long have you been training? I’ve been active all my life. I was captain of my volleyball and basketball teams in high school, but I really got into lifting …

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