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Urbex’s Oleg “Cricket” Sherstyachenko.

Oleg ‘Cricket’ Sherstyachenko is a one-of-a kind daredevil: fearless, confident and capable of imagining and executing stunts that even the most seasoned urban explorers won’t attempt. Now a resident of Moscow, the tall 25-year-old known to his fans as Oleg Cricket was born a world away in the remote Russian village of Nyagan, Siberia, where his troubled youth was punctuated with dreams of becoming a stunt man. Since moving to the Russian capital at age 18,he has become the city’s most high-profile urban explorer, posting videos and photography of his audacious and dangerous feats and, as he sees it, bringing exclusive views to the people like a modern-day version of Robin Hood.


In “Urbex – Enter at Your Own Risk,” Oleg performs stunts in two of the most dazzling, and heavily guarded, cities in the world. In Moscow he takes viewers on a personal journey to the train yards where he once honed his parkour skills, and he reveals the view from exclusive high-rises, cranes and abandoned factories – even attempting to top one of the most beautiful bridges in the country despite security personnel armed with machine guns. A complex personality who stands on the edge of oblivion one moment and quotes Mark Twain the next, Olegalso travels to the United Arab Emirates to infiltrate Dubai’s spectacular architecture with a new partner who doesn’t even speak his language, Malaysia’s Abudi Alsagoff. The camera additionally goes behind the scenes as the Russian social media star introduces his girlfriend to urban exploration. In candid interviews, Oleg shares the dual desires for fame and exploration that drive him, the family tragedy that marks him, and insights on his remarkable mindset as a person who wonders what it’s like to feel fear.







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