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How to Build a Killer Core


It’s no state secret (and in South Africa, we have loads) that abs are made in the kitchen. But even with a “clean” diet, and low-impact cardio, you still need to put in work, son! -Hanging, straight-leg raises; 2 sets of 30 reps (fast) -Crunches; 2 sets of 50 reps …

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How To: Select the Right Powder


Shopping for your monthly supplements can be a confusing task, but we’ve got you and the essentials covered. Whey’t What? This is the best-selling product on the market, and for a good reason. Everyone who works out needs it, the fat-kid-loves-cake scenario. A byproduct of the cheesemaking process, this gives …

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Workout Like A Marine


Maxim‘s military adviser, Dakota Meyer, will get your ass in fighting shape. Read up! 1. Mix Up Your Runs Don’t wear yourself out with daily, long runs. Change up your routine, take a long jog one day; the next, do 180-metre sprints. Do five sets of 20 crunches afterwards. Aim …

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Get Beach-Ready, Quick


When it comes to fitness, there are countless methodologies and systems. But sometimes, less is more. Let’s go back to the basics. The Negative Focus on the negative part of your rep, not just the positive part. You have twice the strength, and therefore, in theory, you should be able …

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Summer Fit with USN


Gluttony took over many of us during winter, as we scoffed down on unhealthy food, ignoring the consequences. And now, the sins of winter are being brought to the light, as summer has dawned, and the condemnation has started from the really gorgeous girls at the beach who keep asking you …

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Serve Up Victory


The legendary tennis coach whose IMG Academy has trained everyone from Andre Agassi to Maria Sharapova, dishes up three superior shots. The Drop Shot “When you see your opponent playing two to three metres behind the baseline, you know this: He doesn’t want to come in to the net. So, …

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Get Football Fit


We’ve all come across those burly beasts of American football players while flicking through channels during a rugby match’s halftime, and turned green from envy on the inside. Well, Norman, who has also trained UFC champ Anderson Silva, has an MMA-style circuit workout he throws into quarter back Sanchez’s regime, …

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PurePharma’s Self-Test Kit


We live in a fast-paced world where everything is one huge, mad rush. And as we maneaouvre through traffic while chugging down an instant coffee, we tend to forget to check up on our wellbeing. The truth is, not a lot of us have time to pop into our local GP, and see …

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Get SEAL Strong


Mark Divine, the author of 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, on mastering four domains that separate the boys from the badasses. Strength: This is about developing a foundational, functional strength so that you can carry your load within a team. Training: Focus on total body movements that are functional, the dead …

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USN Body Makeover Challenge


Watching summer slowly retract its ugly, reared head back into wherever it came from is not just a reason for us to finally wear that awesome T-shirt we got on sale at Superdry. Summer’s return is also an opportunity to work on our bodies, and get ready for a season …

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