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Win Tickets to the Girly Show!


We take being able to see for granted, a blessing you begin to appreciate as you’re watching a trailer doused in the explosive gorgeousness that the girls of the Girly Show pour out (you thought this was going to be a PSA on cataracts, hey?). Ah, but before we get ahead of ourselves, for …

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Chantel Zales


This USA-beauty has got us entering the Green Card Lottery. Hometown: New Mexico, USA Age: 24 Astrological Sign: Cancer Job: Model Don’t pound your chest, don’t you dare catcall, get my attention by ignoring me! I’m usually more intrigued by men who aren’t interested in me. I love a mysterious …

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Q&A: Ali Lee


She’s a gorgeously classy woman who can expel a record-breaking belch that would intimidate a rowdy, small-town bar frequenter. We had a chat with singer, actress and model Ali Lee, and spoke kissing on the first date, pissing off the government, and a few other things. What are some of …

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Allira Cohrs


The sexy, UFC presenter has been grappling hearts around the world, and you can see why. Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia Age: 27 Astrological Sign: The mighty Libra Job: Jack-of-all-trades. Model, TV presenter, Australian correspondent for UFC, medical PA, and jet-setter. Don’t pound your chest, don’t you dare catcall, get my …

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Paola Cañas


We at Maxim like to think that we’re connoisseurs of fine women, and professional model and Colombian queen Paolo Canas is living proof. Hometown: Medellin , Colombia Profession: professional model How did you get into modelling? I started modelling 13 years ago, and a friend recommended me for a fashion show. …

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Viviane Kotze

Circus Max

We at Maxim like to think that we’re connoisseurs of fine women, and Viviane Kotze is living proof. Hometown: Langebaan Age: 25 Astrological Sign: Libra Job: Model and student. Don’t pound your chest, don’t you dare catcall, get my attention by being reserved and respectful, but at the same time, …

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Nirelda Andreka


“Local is lekker!” That line couldn’t be more cheesy… and true. Meet the homegrown beauty, Nirelda Andreka. Hometown: Pretoria Age: 20 Astrological Sign: Libra Job: Studying Psychology and Education, model at Boss Models My sexy circus trick would be jumping through a ring of fire on the back of a …

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Well hello, Laura Danielz!


Usually, when you think of women who are super into sports and fitness, you picture an out of shape woman with a terrible buzz cut, who likes to arm wrestle in the most inappropriate places. But, it isn’t always like that… just look at Laura Danielz (yes, Danielz with a …

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Meet Sport Fanatic, Kourtney!


Not all girls who are into sports, rip through the streets on a road bike, and have a great sense of humour look like Rosie O’Donnell. Once in a blue moon, they’re outrageously gorgeous, and go by the name “Kourtney Compton.” We may be in love with this sports reporter …

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Helpful Hottie: Jodie Graves


We pretended to not know the answers to the questions below questions, just so we could talk to this Helpful Hottie, Jodie Graves. How do I get rid of a red wine stain on my white shirt? I don’t think you can get red wine out of a white shirt. …

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