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Monster’s Night Harvest 2016 Has Surpassed All Expectations


The Night Harvest is a dirt jump event hosted at Potato Trails in Cape Town every year. This year was the best yet with a stacked rider line up, amazing trails and rad crowd.

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Boxing: The Sport And Salary Of Champions.


The History of It All Boxing, also known as the sweet science, has roots that go all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Back then, fights would take place without gloves only leather strapped on to the hands. This resulted in even more gruesome, deadly battles. The first …

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Two Powerhouses Roared Into The Miami Int. Boat Show


Miami, FL/USA – Two legendary brands united once again at the Miami International Boat Show. Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing joined forces for the sixth consecutive year to present the Cigarette Racing Team 41′ SD GT3 boat inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car. As the most powerful “open performance” boat ever …

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Footie Fans…Figo Comes To South African Shores


South Africa will set the stage for the global launch of Heineken’s 2016 UEFA Champions League #ChampionTheMatch sessions, and with it the arrival of football superstar Luís Figo to our shores. Each match night, a global superstar will be taking to social media on the handle with the hashtag …

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Watch This Surfer Nearly Snap His Neck On A 12-Metre Crest


He seems fine, though. “A brutal beating, like I was in a car crash,” surfer Tom Dosland spoke of his near-death experience when he slammed head-first into 12-metre crest that pretty much tried to order him an Uber to the Afterlife. “That wave was so heavy,” Dosland told  Surfer Magazine, “It would be cool …

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How Much Mayweather Has Been Offered To Fight Again


By Adam K. Raymond It’s slightly more than a lot. Floyd Mayweather is a very rich man. His net worth, depending on who you ask,may be as high as $650 million (R10 billion). For that reason, it would take a truckload of cash to get him to come out of retirement and fight …

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Hulk Hogan’s 1998 WCW Contract Is Unreal…


By Adam K. Raymond The Hulkster got more than just a ton of cash. In 1994, the WCW was a fledgling wrestling promotion that couldn’t work its way out of the WWF’s shadow. That is, until it poached the biggest wrestler in the world from the company that made him …

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Why Athletes Celebrate Victory With A Slap On The Butt


By Zeynep Yenisey They bro-slap because they care. If you’re a sports fan, particularly soccer, you already know there’s a lot of manly affection happening on the sidelines, mainly in the form of butt slapping, hugs that seem more like tackles, and Energade showers. But did you know that those bromantic …

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Conor McGregor’s Trash Talk Is Basically Performance Art


By Adam K Raymond This guy never shuts up, and we love it. From now on, no one should refer to Conor McGregor as a fighter. It doesn’t come close to capturing his majesty. The UFC’s featherweight champion is a performer, a full-fledged entertainer whose fame owes as much to …

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Adam K Raymond Two versions of Tyson are included as a pre-order bonus. If Mike Tyson had been born in in 1986 instead of 1966, there’s a decent chance he would would have made his name in the cage rather than the ring. Imagine the damage Iron Mike would have …

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