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Maxim Hot 100 Party

We hosted an event last week Thursday to celebrate our Hot 100, and the beautiful Tayla Davis was announced as the girl who topped our list for 2015. “Guys, there are so many beautiful and successful women in South Africa, are you sure?” Tayla humbly said in response to her win, to which we promptly responded, “Yes, yes Tayla, we are very sure.”

Partnering with Biotone Energy Tonic, Belvedere Vodka, and AquaVita Mineral Water, the event was an intimate evening with stars under the stars at Sandton hot spot, Taboo. Chosen by our readers, this list of the top rising female stars of film, music, sports, television, and fashion, and some of the more famous faces that made the Top 20 included actress & presenter Pearl Thusi, model Lee-Ann Liebenberg, as well as TV presenters Jeannie D, and Naomi Noinyane. There were also special performances by DJs Kimmy K, Gennaro, Alex Caige, and Sebastian.

Notable guests in attendance included TV presenters ProVerb, Roxy Burger, and Leandie Du Randt, and soccer players such as Lennox Bacela and Charlton Mashumba.

Check out the Top 20 list in no particular order:

  • Tayla Davis (winner)
  • Kyla Close
  • Lee-Ann Roberts
  • Natasha Barnard
  • Derrin Lester
  • Shane van der Westhuizen
  • Nicole Meyer
  • Lauren Mellor
  • Naomi Noinyane
  • Lee-Ann Liebenberg
  • Tahlecia Albertse
  • Charissa du Plessis
  • Jessica Lee Buchanan
  • Caylene Marais
  • Gabrielle Pollock
  • Tana Boshoff
  • Jeannie D
  • Chelsea le Roux
  • Pearl Thusi
  • Candice Boucher

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