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Monday Motivation: Katie Danzer

Model and fitness enthusiast Katie Danzer on muscular men with bulging veins, and living a healthy lifestyle.
How long have you been training? I have been living a healthy and fit lifestyle my whole life, but more recently I have gotten serious this year, and have set high goals for next year.
We’re sure you give men a run for their money in the gym? I try to keep up with my trainer and others, for sure.
What’s the hardest part of the body to train? I think this varies per person, for me the hardest part for me to constantly be working on, my legs.
What’s a fitness myth you discovered as you started to get more and more involved in fitness? No days off! I need a day off even from cardio, to let my muscles heal and rest up.
What are your daily meals like? I try to keep it simple, chicken, veggies, dry salads, and plenty of water!
And your favourite cheat meal? I love popcorn and ice cream, together!
A song that gets you going in the gym? I love any type of loud, rhythmic music, of course house music is my favourite.
When it comes to dating, do you tend to go for men with the same fitness goals, a good body? I usually try to date someone with similar goals and a similar lifestyle. I travel a lot, which makes it hard to keep on track, but when you date someone who can help you and push you, it makes it so much easier.
What attracts you to a guy? Personality is always number one, I love a man who can make me laugh. Number two is always going to be health, a healthy man is fit, a perfect man.
What’s your favourite part about a man’s body? I’m actually a sucker for vascularity. If that’s the proper term. I love a man with veins and muscles. Healthy hands are a must.
And your ultimate favourite quote? “Success isn’t given. It’s earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat, and the occasional tear,” Nike.
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