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Routine For A Shredded Summer Body With These Few Steps.

When it comes to fitness, there are countless methodologies and systems. But sometimes, less is more. Let’s go back to the basics.

The Negative

Focus on the negative part of your rep, not just the positive part. You have twice the strength, and therefore, in theory, you should be able to lift double the weight on your way down from a bicep curl for example. So, don’t just swing and lift up, control the weight, down.

Dear Diary

Keep a training journal to monitor your progress. You’ll be surprised to find out exactly what it is you have done in a day, and you’ll be able to see, on paper, where you can improve.

Know Your Routine

Have a detailed exercise plan before you walk into the gym. Know exactly how many sets of a specific movement you are going to do, which exercise will be for warming up, what your actual working set will be, and how many reps you would like to do at each weigh. Small goals all lead to big gains.

Couching & Dossing

Your muscles grow when you’re resting, not training. That’s right, you don’t actually get bigger and stronger when you’re in the gym, it’s what you do after your workout that’s the real key to muscle growth. If you don’t let your muscles recover correctly, you will overwork your body, and it will constantly be trying to catch up.

Shock Factor

One of the simplest pieces of advice is to swop equipment, in order to “shock” your muscles. If you do straight-bar curls, use an EZ-bar the following week, and dumbbells the week after. Small changes, and small angles of impact also make a huge difference. Changing your workout around, so that you start with the movement you finished with the previous time, also works great.

Change Up

Never do a specific routine. Your body needs to get a big shock in order to keep the muscles growing.

Kill The Comfort Zone

Every once in a while, do something completely new. Join a weekly boxing, or MMA class, get to a CrossFit Box, have a gymnastics session, go for a run on the road, or play a game of touch rugby. Anything, once a week, that you would not normally do. It all comes down to keeping the body guessing, and by doing that, it’ll keep growing.


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