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Running Essentials You Need This Winter.

A list of winter must-haves when it comes to running and fitness.



If the “scientific” theories mothers and grandmothers conjure up over a cup of tea are true, then humans lose a lot of their body heat through their heads. Beanies are essential to keep warm during a winter morning jog, as the head is one of the most sensitive bits of our bodies when it comes to temperature. Get yourself a First Ascent men’s 4 panel beanie with a Firestorm Micro Fleece that keeps the heat in, but doesn’t leave your head drenched in sweat.





Nothing like loud music that makes your ears bleed to distract you from the fact that the cold is fusing your balls together.Beats by Dre Powerbeats are perfect for running, with the right features you should expect from a sport-focused pair, including a sweat-resistant design and a very secure fit.





Capestorm Smart Touch gloves keep your hands warm, all while making sure that they stay dry and free of moist. Plus, there’s no need to slide your gloves off when you need to operate a touch screen device, because these gloves are specially made to make things easy for you when operating your phone or whatever gadget you’re running around with.







No need to head out into the cold and have your chest feel like you swallowed a cooler box full of ice-cold beers, there’s also no need to  feel like you should prove your manliness by heading out in 0-degree weather with just a t-shirt, only to get punched in the stomach by the wind. Grab yourself a First Ascent Men’s K2 Powerstretch jacket with a turtle neck for optimum heat retention, a stretchy material that enables free and comfortable movement, and a Polartec Powerstretch Pro fleece that ensures lightweight warmth.






Sure, you run the risk of looking like George Michael’s ex-backup dancer with these, but the awesome construction of leggings when it comes to fitness means that you’ll be free of judgement in this context, and in this context only. Capestorm men’s storm tights have a stretchy fabric allowing free movement, while letting moisture slide off, ensuring you stay dry.








You need a pair of socks that will prevent frostbite, but aren’t too bulky, a pair of socks that prevent blisters after a brutal run in the great outdoors. First Ascent Approach Hiking Socks cover all of these base; plus, they’re made from bamboo fibres that create an anti-microbial environment for freshness and hygiene… they had your girlfriend in mind.






Asic’s Men’s Gel-Kayano 20 road running shoes offer enough traction to prevent you from slipping on moist roads and splitting your skull open. They’ve also got a fluidride and gel cushioning system offering comfort that makes you want to wake up at an ungodly hour and hit the road full speed.

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