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The 5 Best Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs


Steve Urena.

Most people hate something about their job. Whether it’s the low pay, the crazy commute, your irritating coworkers, the awful customers, the mindset of your dickweed boss, or the fact that some companies deem it inappropriate to look at beautiful, semi-naked Maxim models at work, there’s always something that makes your blood boil and your teeth grit. A lot of us just have to accept it keep plugging, but these glorious individuals just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to burn the hell out of the bridge of their careers…

By Using the Force

In 2009, Joy Mukhari departed from his job at Emakina by going out in a way that would make Luke Skywalker proud: devising a video that used the classic Star Wars opening crawl. In the video, Mukhari says goodbye, and that he regrets not having sex with any of his coworkers. As a way to make up for that, Joy shows off his special naked dance and waggles his way into a galaxy far, far away.

By Letting Them Eat Cake

Thirty-one-year-old Chris Holmes decided to take a chance on his dream and pursue his goal of running a full time bakery. The former Gordon Ramsey employee was working for the UK Border Agency at Stansted Airport, England, but found more success in his side business as Mr. Cake. Holmes was ecstatic to leave his job, and decided to express his resignation on a large butter cream cake, which is genius, because it’s difficult to try and change someone’s mind about quitting when you’re shoveling fistfuls of delicious, delicious cake into your mouth. Not impossible, you understand, but certainly difficult.

By Making A Song And Dance About It

Joey Defrancesco took quitting to a whole new level when he brought his entire band into the Marriott hotel, where he had worked for over three years, and played himself out of the building. And yes, they do look like a collection of unbearable hipster douchebags, but come on, you have to give them kudos for this one.

By Quitting On a Grand Master Flash Beat

This Mobile, Alabama, DJ for 93 WBLX was fed up with being micro-managed in her workplace, and decided to bring her quitting technique to the airwaves. This 1m 44s speech hit the air raw and unedited, and told people the honest truth. Remember, “I quit this bitch” is a universally approved method of handing in your notice.

By Making A Game Of It

Jarred Woods, a former designer for 2K Australia, used his expertise to pay homage to Super Mario Brothers while quitting at the same time with this fully playable “I QUIT” message. Which, let’s be honest, is a much more clever and elegant way of quitting than just smearing “Screw You Guys” on the fridge with your own excrement, as totally never happened in that coffee shop we totally never worked in, in a place that totally wasn’t even our home town, no matter what they tell you.













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