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Cut The Hair, Not The Skin This International Men’s Grooming Day.

6 tips to achieve your best appearance yet

Tomorrow, 19 August 2016 is International Men’s Grooming Day and the perfect day to toss your old blades and cheap body spray and start making the most of what you were given! We all know THAT guy. He’s the gent in the office, on the train or at the bar that we’re all a little jealous of – he’s the well-groomed dude with great hair and a sparkly smile who carefully selects his clothes and always smells good. This guy takes clean shaven to the next level and on the weekend sports manly stubble worthy of any top model.

While most of us ‘manly types’ relate male grooming to a shower, a quick shave and a few squirts of deodorant, it really doesn’t cut it. Putting forward your best appearance is of course part of human nature. While it may seem a little unfair, perceived attractiveness can affect a diverse range of important social outcomes, from partner choices, decisions about friendships and even hiring considerations. We know the new-world order of male grooming products and devices can be a little overwhelming. So we’re here to help you on your way, we’ve listed our top six tips to achieve your best appearance yet.


  1. Get manly with moisturiser

Sorry men, moisturising creams aren’t just for the ladies. It’s important for your skin too! If you’re too rushed in the mornings to apply, don’t stress. The evenings are a great time to renew and replenish your skin. Adding a moisturiser before bed creates softer, more hydrated and healthier looking skin.

  1. Get a REAL shaver

image001A clean shave is one of THE most important steps to achieving your best appearance yet. Traditionally, men would reach for the razor. But, seriously, who has time to fight with blunt blades and a near-empty can of shaving gel? To avoid the stress, get your hands on a first-class shaver, such as the which looks after your entire grooming routine with a nose and click-on moustache and sideburn trimmer. If you have sensitive skin and prefer the comfort of a wet shave look out for the providing a fast, close shave without the dreaded nicks and cuts – offering ten times better protection than a regular blade.

   3.Best beard by far

image003Ok, so you’re not into the clean shaven look. You dig some stubble. Don’t dismay, as long as your beard is well-groomed and you feel like the sharpest dude in the room it’s perfectly acceptable. But you need the right tools to achieve perfectly groomed, yet manly look. Try the . This beauty is a three-in-one waterproof trimmer, trimming your beard to exactly the length you want, with the beard and stubble comb that offers 1mm to 18mm length settings. While sexy stubble or a well-trimmed beard is ok, nose and ear hair is not! But don’t worry, the Multigroom Series 3000 will take care of unwanted hair in awkward places too.

  1. Slap on sunscreen

Men who are serious about keeping their youthful looks know the importance of a good sunscreen. More than ever we are subject to ultraviolet radiation that will penetrate deep into skin’s layers, triggering premature ageing. So it’s key to invest in a moisturiser with a decent sun protection factor. It may feel great, but exposure to the sun is the main cause of premature ageing and skin cancer.

  1. Floss those pearly whites

Brushing is important, but it only cleans the teeth’s surface. Flossing may seem like a hack, but it’s time worth dedicating. Importantly, it helps dislodge food particles which lead to bad breath.

  1. Declutter your bathroom draw

While you may have a bathroom draw full of grooming gadgets from the day you started to grow stubble, it’s time to declutter. Grooming technology has come a long way, and it can make a big difference to achieving your best appearance, so don’t settle for what was cool 10 years ago, shop around for the right tools for your needs today!

Visit the Philips and pages for more information on how to take care of all your grooming needs, pull off the latest trends and join the Institute of Well-Groomed Men.

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