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Wireless Charger That Levitates Your Phone Whilst It Charges!

Since magnets are used both for levitating and wirelessly charging stuff, why not combine them into one awe-inspiring device?

Maybe because in levitation, the magnets push away, whereas they pull towards each other when charging. But hey, apparently someone’s found a way around that, because the soon-to-be released OvRcharge purports to simultaneously power and invisibly lift up your device.

Make no mistake, this mesmerizing means of juicing your Android or iOS phone or tablet is very different from the Energous WattUp, which uses RF to charge your gadgets at a distance. But still, it is technically juicing them through the air.

The device is about a third of the way to its Kickstarter campaign goal, with a few weeks left to go, so you can still snag an early bird deal on this for about $160,(R2 151.53) with delivery planned for this December.

Mesmerizing, ain’t it? (Photo: AR Designs)

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