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Don’t Hassle The Hoff..Be The Hoff.


The Hoff, Knight Rider himself, shares tips for gaining worldwide fame.

Listen to Strangers

Listen to strangers, “Way back, a girl named ‘Nicki’ from Austria won a meet-and-great contest with me. She said, ‘Do you know your record is number 1 in my country?’ I immediately organised a trip overseas.”

Harness the Power of Bikinis

“Do a TV show with lots of sun and scantily clad girls. The weather is so bad in Europe, they’ll love it.”

Pick a Winner

“The one word that everyone in the world knows is ‘freedom,’ so write a song about it. People in the U.S have made such a joke of my appearance at the Berlin Wall, but it was like Woodstock over there.”

Do Something Stupid

“At one point in your life, make a personal tape that should never get out so people can look at it 25 million times on YouTube, and still love you.”

Be Blessed With a Ridiculous Name

“I’m lucky to have a funny name like ‘Hasselhoff,’ because then you can say things like ‘Hoff-tastic,’ ‘Hoff-stuff,’ ‘face-Hoff,’ and ‘Hoffy-birthday.’ And get one you can make a catch phrase out of, because everyone knows you don’t hassle the Hoff!”

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