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7 Fitness Myths That May Be Holding You Back


1. Sit ups and crunches are the best way to build abs

Planks and push ups don’t get enough credit for their great job at sculpting abs, even though they’re much more effective than sit ups and crunches. Planks and push ups help improve your whole core, and if you throw in cardio and a great diet, they’re your ticket to “Oh, my gosh! He looks so hot with his top off” City.

2. Cardio burns the most calories

Nah! This is also another myth that we seem to enjoy hyping in the gym. Truth be told, weight training burns more fat and for much longer, even after your workout.

3. You need to stretch before a workout

We’ve been told to do this since our dreaded, high school, P.E days, stretching to get your blood flowing in order to prevent cramps. However, cardio is much more effective at getting your blood flowing and warming up your muscles.

4. You need a long workout

Your body goes into fat-burning mode the minute you start exercising. So, if you struggle to do a long workout, go for a shorter and more intense one, because  you’ll still burnt fat, regardless.

5. No pain, no gain

You don’t need to feel like you’re dying and that your calves are going to go up in flames to know that you’ve put in work. Usually, when you’re in serious pain it doesn’t mean that you’ve killed your workout, it probably means you’ve injured yourself, and you need to stop.

6. The more you exercise, the better

Doing solid, quality exercises a few days a week is better than mediocre exercises everyday due to your fatigue. Plus, your body also needs time to recover, preventing any unnecessary injuries.

7. Drink 8 glasses of water daily

Our body gets a lot of its water from food, vegetables, fruits, etc. You need to drink as much water as you need to clear your urine; otherwise, don’t force water down your throat if you really aren’t thirsty.

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