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Ted 2 [Trailer]

Ted is back in the upcoming Ted 2, premiering on our shores today. In this sequel, Ted must prove to the court that he’s fit to be a doting dad in order for him and his wife to adopt a baby. Have a look at the trailer below:

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Remixed Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s Cube with a lot more swag, Stussy has just released their unique take on one of our favourite childhood toys, the Photo Image Puzzle Cube. Covered in world-renowned Stussy photography printed on each side, this is a collectable worth the odd R250.  

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The Man Who Designed the Cellphone

Meet 86-year-old Marty Cooper, the man who invented the world’s first ever handheld portable telephone.

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Da L.E.S P.A.I.D Launch_Image 1

Da L.E.S is P.A.I.D

Da L.E.S, AKA, and Nigerian artist Burna Boy’s “All Eyes on Me” has had everyone’s head bopping these past few months, and now, the turn-up trio are back with Da L.E.S’ latest single “P.A.I.D”. Fresh off the plane from Mauritius, having performed at the CÎROC Pineapple Global launch, the artist is currently …

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The Case for Ultra

Put down the glow sticks, move away from the Molly. Ultra is more than just ground zero for the newest and greatest electronic dance music on the planet. You just need to know where to look. by Kat Bien Long before “EDM” was even a twinkle in a music executive’s eye, …

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Dragon Ball Z Returns

Childhood nostalgia becomes a present-day reality with the return of Dragon Ball Z in the form of Dragon Ball Super, after an 18-year-long break that felt like forever to a lot of diehard fans. A 14-second teaser was released recently, and although there are tons of new battles, there are just …

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Whey of the Warrior

A list of supplements that will take your quest to bulk up to another level. by Manuela Gabriella Incendiario Whey Protein (Concentrate or Isolate) Without protein, you won’t make the gains you are looking for. You can use whey for a pre-workout, a post-workout, or as a snack. You can …

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Mad Max: Fury Road Without Special Effects

They’ve released a video of Mad Max: Fury Road without all of the flashy, gloriously over-the-top special effects… and it still looks as impressive as ever. Check it out below:

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Tarantino’s Best Film References

Tarantino fans are aware of the fact that cult martial arts films influence a lot of the Academy-Award winner’s ideas. This video looks through the obvious, and less obvious, visual influences behind 8 of Tarantino’s top movies, like how the Flintstones where behind certain visuals in Pulp Fiction. Have a look …

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24 Hours with Vince Vaughn

We reflect on life, death, and how we’d like to go with Vince Vaughn. How do you want to go? I can tell you how I don’t want to go, waiting in line to pay parking tickets and having a light from the ceiling fall on my head. Do you …

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

By Andre Coetzer In the past few years, comic book films have come a long way, from the various Spider-Man reboots, to the gritty and dark Batman flicks. Gone are the days of subpar comic book films (we’re looking at you, Green Lantern), instead, we are getting slick, big blockbuster …

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Body Art Goes Mainstream

Sony Max premiers the highly anticipated Skin Wars this Friday, a reality show that brings the underground world of body art to the surface in the sexiest way possible. Hosted by international supermodel and actress Rebecca Romijn, a woman well acquainted with paint, being the first model to don body paint …

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Ted 2 [Trailer]

Ted is back in the upcoming Ted 2, premiering on our shores on the 26th of June. In this sequel, Ted must prove to the court that he’s fit to be a doting dad in order for him and his wife to adopt a baby. Have a look at the …

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The 5 best spy movies

By Bilge Ebiri In director Matthew Vaughn’s new spy thriller, Kingsman: The Secret Service, a brilliant, but rebellious punk (Taron Egerton) is whisked out of the slammer by a veteran spy (Colin Firth), and inducted into a powerful, way-secret organisation. Soon, he’s up to his ears in save-the-world espionage. Being …

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No Beating Beatenberg

With every award ceremony, from the Grammys, to the Oscars, there is always that one person or group who own the night, stepping up to the podium to say their thank you’s more than once. On Sunday at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs), those golden boys where Beatenberg, a Capetonian indie-pop …

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Forbes’ List

Thousands of fellas want to be like award-winning radio personality Rob Forbes, but only a few get the chance, while the rest end up DJing Kenny G’s “Greatest Hits” album at shotgun weddings. Luckily, Forbes is dishing out a list of tips on how to make it in the industry, …

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The Savanna Newcomer Showcase

Next month on the 31st of May, SA’s top, on-the-rise comedians will go head to head on stage as they fight to be nominated for this year’s Savanna Newcomer Award. 20 comedians have only 5 minutes to lay out their stand-up comedy set and make the crowd’s cheekbones ache. They’ll …

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Adam Scott

As he wraps up the final season of Parks and Recreation, the actor recalls when he stopped being so serious, and found his inner comic. Adam Scott is seriously hilarious. Few actors nail the droll deadpan better than he does as sci-fi-loving auditor Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation,soon to …

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CGI Brings Him Back to Life

When a lot of use heard about Paul Walker’s tragic death, in the context of the Fast and Furious franchise, we wondered how they would put together the hit movie without its legendary actor. Would they include his death in the movie? Would they film the rest without him? Well, …

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Furious 7 Breaks SA Records

Even in his death, the late Paul Walker is still making moves, smashing the South African box office in half this Easter weekend with Fast and Furious 7. Walker’s box-office hit swiftly cruised passed Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie more painful than the S&M it endorses, hitting a staggering R20 …

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