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Transcendence (Trailer)

In his new film Transcendence, Depp plays Dr. Will Caster, the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In the film, the good doctor is working on creating a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known to the full range of human emotions. Naturally, his …

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Top 5: Actors Who Deserve More Credit

Leonardo has to be the greatest actor not to have an Oscar on his mantle, but he’s not the only one. Maxim’s put together a Top5  list of action actors who we think deserve more credit, like credit in the form of an Oscar… or something. 1.) Keanu Reeves:  Amidst …

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A Sneak Peak at Ben Affleck as Batman

There may have been reservations and protests from diehard Batman fans on having Ben Affleck play Batman, especially after he flopped harder than John Goodman attempting to dive into a swimming pool in Daredevil. But, the Batman train still proceeded to toot on, running over people’s doubts and leaving a …

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Girls with Guns: Beautiful, Bullet-Loving Babes

There’s honestly nothing more attractive than a girl with a barrel as hot and as smoking as she is, ready to blow the brains out off any guy who tries to step to her. Directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have done a solid job in empowering the species we …

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Top 5: Places to Party in SA

Wanna know where the party’s always happening here in SA? We’ve got you covered, keep the water and headache tablets close. 1.) The VIP Room: Located in the heart of Sandton’s bustling business mall, The VIP Room’s an awesome 300 square meter space that oozes the frequency of work hard …

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comeback cover

Comeback Kids

There has been some tension in the Maxim SA offices, as two of the staff members have been at each other’s throats regarding some of the best sporting comeback movies of all time. So, it was decided to give them a platform to vent their views and frustrations. Ladies and …

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Whisky Tasting With Chivas

Chivas is that pal we never had, that golden brown-skinned friend with finesse  and an exotic-sounding name who the ladies love and the men enjoy having around. That pal who you’ll always find in a well-crafted suit, in this case, a suit made from glass, branded by a name discerning …

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Out in Cinemas: Lone Survivor (Trailer)

Written and directed by Peter Berg, the man behind Friday Night Lights, this movie tells a story about a group of Navy SEALs with balls of steel who head out on a life-threating, top-secret mission in order to neutralize menacing mountain dwellers in Afghanistan who have taken over their Al-Quaeda …

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Power Rangers Returning to the Big Screen

Throw on your He-man swimming trunks and prepare to take a dive into a see of nostalgia! Power Rangers is said to be returning to the big screen in a live-action reboot! We can’t deny the fact that we all loved this series full of flamboyant-looking, ass-kicking, weird-sound-effect-making ,robot-looking mutant people. …

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CG flyer final 3 city (small)

Imagine Nation ft. Cosmic Gate

You may have seen on Twitter and Facebook that we’re giving away 4 double tickets for each event in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. If you haven’t heard anything, hop onto our pages and get involved. We want to spazz out with you at what’s going to be one sick …

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Pharrell’s G.I.R.L

Eyes off the sexy and slightly intriguing women on the album cover.Skateboard P is back and still making hits with that Happy song that even the most staunch head banger and member of the Satanic church can’t help but like.He’s back like he never even left and really putting in …

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A Night Out With Sexy Angels

Turning down hanging out with beautiful belters, especially those reminiscent of Victoria Secret angels, has never been our forte and perhaps being in the presence of smoldering angels could be our chance at redemption… redeeming all the shots we deserve at the bar. So, on that note, come and join …

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Dinner under the night skies at Nederburg (LR)

Grape stomping

It doesn’t get any better than spending time with family and friends, stomping grapes while drinking wine singing along to Rock & Roll beats. Known for its prize-winning reputation and generous hospitality, Nederburg is once again inviting the public to join its harvesting team at the winery’s annual ‘Harvest Day at …

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Astronomy Kingdom

Attention all Star Wars and Star Trek fans, an epic adventure awaits you! On Wednesday 29 January 2014 the five-star Twelve Apostles hotel and spa will be presenting an exclusive ‘Astronomy Gastronomy’ event, combining a delicious culinary offering with celestial wonders. Guests will enjoy a sunset dinner in the light and airy …

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Get ready to rock the hard way!

The iconic Hard Rock Cafe set to open before the end of 2013 in Jozi! Yes, it’s true! Hard Rock International is pleased to announce plans to bring the brand’s one-of-a-kind blend of music, entertainment and authentic scratch-based cuisine to Johannesburg with a state-of-the-art location showcasing Hard Rock’s new design …

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The art of picking up beautiful babes!

By Jodie Peter Adam Lyons was given a book to read by Neil Strauss called ‘The Game’. This book changed his whole life. It was analytical by breaking down situations. “I felt I could do this, it intrigued me. Dating is a game in the beginning and that’s what we …

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