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Five Simple Rules For Getting Rid Of That Stubborn Fat

People tend to over complicate the concept of getting rid of unwanted fat. These are, quite simply put, straightforward ways to banish that belly:

1. Proper diet: Nutrition is often overlooked because people feel that they can out-train a bad diet. The key to revealing those abs, and getting rid of the excess weight is just planning your meals properly.



2. Allow your body enough recovery time: Rest is an extremely important factor when training. Your body needs time to recuperate so allow it enough time to do so and make sure that you arent training one specific muscle group consecutively.

3. Don’t just rely on cardio: The “eat less, run more” diet promoted by a local radio celebrity may have some merit, however it is fact that weight training burns more calories than cardio over a 24-hour period.

Running with heart rate monitor sports watch

4. Chose the more difficult, and bigger exercises: Now is the time to man up. Those squats you have been avoiding because of “knee problems” and the other terrible excuses need to go. Compound movements are key.

5. Don’t avoid the carbohydrates: Unless you have legitimate dietary issues, carbs are actually good for you. When timed properly they can assist with muscle replenishment in the form of glycogen.

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