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A Chat with the Beaut, Danielle Treml


We’ve got a high school crush on Danielle Treml. We’re pretty sure that if we …

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Review: Philips’ Wireless Portable Speaker


I’ve always stayed away from portable speakers, because I feel like the quality of sound …

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Quick Morning Exercises


You ever noticed how a lot of ripped guys you went to school with turn …

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Obsession: Iggy Azalea


She’s a white girl from Australia, raps like she grew up in the mean streets …

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Jeana Turner, Ain’t She A Belter?


We a chat with the smoldering Jeana Turner and let her whisper sweat nothings into …

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Koenigsegg Agera R


For a company the size of a football pitch, Koenigsegg have churned out more than …

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Behind The Scenes With Tracy [Video]


Tracy McGregor’s beauty is on steroids. Seriously, that’s how strong it is, and it’s got …

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Red Bull’s X-Fighters Touring South Africa

Danny Torres of Spain - Action

Attempting a backflip is not easy, you first have to get past the initial fear …

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Myth Busting Food


Food carries a lot of myths and urban legends, and a lot of them stem …

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“Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”

Ladies man

Whether at a restaurant or a club, picking up women without the risk of your …

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Samsung Launches UHD TVs In SA

Curved UHD TV U9000

We’ve come a long way with TVs, from tiny, black and white, microwave-looking things, to …

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Whisky With Three Ships’ Master Distiller


Whether it’s poured up by a stressed-out mob boss or drank wrongly for the first …

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Quick At-Home Workouts


Want to get fit but can’t hit the gym as often as you’d like, because …

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Garmin Approach S4 Smart Watch

Garmin cover

Who says golf has to be bland and drenched in khaki pants? This touchscreen golf …

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Winter Fly With Superdry


During winter, we’re constantly fighting the urge to throw on a stained hoodie and sweatpants, …

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