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We’ve all seen those Instagram pictures of food that have your stomach screaming at you …

Porsche Carrera GT


The irony of the Carrera GT is that it’s been hiding in the shadows longer …

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Review: Picotech’s Portable Phone Charger


You’re at a corporate function all alone and you know no one there. So, in …

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Transcendence (Trailer)


In his new film Transcendence, Depp plays Dr. Will Caster, the foremost researcher in the …

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A Sit Down With G-Star’s Brainchild

Shubhankar Ray2

Everybody owns a pair of jeans (unless you’re living under a rock in the Bermuda …

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Top 5: Actors Who Deserve More Credit


Leonardo has to be the greatest actor not to have an Oscar on his mantle, …

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G-Star’s RAW Night With Maxim


Maxim was out and about in Hipster Town, also known as Maboneng Precinct, also known …

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A Sneak Peak at Ben Affleck as Batman


There may have been reservations and protests from diehard Batman fans on having Ben Affleck …

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Holy cow, Megan Retzlaff!


“Holy cow,” we whispered to ourselves when we first saw Megan, trying not to rip …

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Girls with Guns: Beautiful, Bullet-Loving Babes


There’s honestly nothing more attractive than a girl with a barrel as hot and as …

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Exit Left, Push Trolley Now: Road Trip Destinations in SA


That couch you scrounged and slept on yesterday in search of pieces of peace after …

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Ferrari California T


Ferrari has always taken pride in leaching technology from its brainy F1 team,and nowhere is …

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Comeback Kids

comeback cover

There has been some tension in the Maxim SA offices, as two of the staff …

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And you thought Grade 8 was bad? A list of truly terrifying initiations


Boys will be boys, whether we’re at some college party gagging on the bottle of …

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