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How To Do The Worm By Candace Bailey


By: Nick Leftley. The geek goddess teaches you how to get wriggly. 1. Down and Arch “Get on your knees with your legs spread shoulder width apart. Lean back to give yourself some momentum so that when you roll, you can achieve some height.” 2. Roll Out “Roll forward onto …

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4 Aphrodisiac Foods That Could Ruin Your Sex Life In Weird Ways


  By: Chris Carpenter Boner alert: Scientists/bloggers at NaturalNews recently compiled a list of sensual aphrodisiac foods that are said to improve your sex life. Surprisingly, our date night go-tos – Cheetos and Red Bull – didn’t make the list. Which is weird, because we always score, although admittedly our …

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How to be in a good mood everyday by Jodie Peter


Caffeine fix: Coffee is packed with antioxidants which keeps you super healthy! Have you ever had a cup and your day went from average Joe to supercool? Moderation is the key, ideally 2-3 cups a day. Coffee can help you stay awake, alert, improve cognitive function, help elevate moods, and …

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