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Blackberry is no longer content with being a relic of pre-touchscreen times. Everyone’s favorite smartphone of the aughts has come roaring back with a souped-up new KEYone model. In a bold affront to our iPhone-inundated era, the KEYone comes with the recognizable QWERTY keyboard, which no touchscreen interface has ever …

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2K Reveals WWE 2K17 MyCareer Mode Trailer.


Today, 2K revealed details surrounding WWE 2K17’s MyCareer Mode through a new blog post, as well as a captivating trailer narrated by WWE 2K17 cover Superstar Brock Lesnar’s esteemed advocate, Paul Heyman. WWE 2K17’s MyCareer Mode lets players experience what it takes to become a WWE Superstar, including options to jump ahead to the …

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Already Over The iPhone7? Try Out The New LG V20.


The day before  Apple event introduced us to the iPhone 7, LG quietly announced their V20 smartphone. Could this be Android’s strongest iPhone challenger? In a way, that’s like debating who the most skilled kung fu fighter is in an unruly mob all trying to take down Bruce Lee. There’s a …

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‘Stranger Things’ Has Been Recreated As A Throwback Video Game


Netflix’s retro-charged new series, Stranger Things, is already one of its most buzzed-about releases of 2016. Overloaded with nostalgia and throwbacks to the great sci-fi/horror classics from the 1980s, each of the eight thrilling episodes only increases our love for the genre and those decades-old movies. Game developer Jacob Janerka was so inspired …

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Sega And Nintendo Can’t Compete With This Throwback Monster.


Whereas the upcoming Nintendo and Sega mini consoles each offer dozens of built-in classic video games (30 and 80, respectively), true retro gaming nirvana lies within the cabinets ofBespoke Arcades‘ amazing machines, which all come with more than 800 games. Even better, you can download dozens of emulators to enable these full-size arcades to run a mind-blowing …

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The Analogue NT Mini Is The Nintendo Console Of Your Dreams.


There’s something crazy going on in the retro video gaming world. Apparently people are really digging Analogue’s Nt, the sleekly modern, aluminum riff on the original Nintendo Entertainment System that plays over 2,000 Nintendo and Famicom games. In fact, the consoles are so popular that they’ve been out of stock pretty much …

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Sony PlayStation To Reveal The Most Anticipated Upgrade Of All Time In Two Days!


The upgraded PS console is expected to be featured at Sony’s 9/7 event (Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment) As part of Sony’s confirmed media event in New York City on 7 September , it’s expected that they’ll finally take the wraps off their highly anticipated PlayStation upgrade. Known as the PS 4.5 …

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This Screen Turns You Into An Actual 3D Hologram.


This transparent screen displays 3D holograms (Photo: HoloVit) Just as teleportation and flying cars will surely be a part of our future, it has also been foretold that 3D holograms will be commonplace occurrences—and we’re not talking about the rainbowy, static, laser-etched kind you find in museum gift shops that change angles as …

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 Has A Slew Of Killer New Features.


At Samsung’s live Unpacked event earlier this month, held in New York and simulcast to audiences in London and Rio, as well as in immersive 360 for mobile, Gear VRand Web viewers, the South Korean electronics behemoth announced that its Galaxy Note7—what it’s calling “the world’s most intelligent smartphone” As …

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