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Porsche 911 4S Targa


Porsche 4S Targa Can’t afford the full-blown convertible that instantly makes a month-end report at the office disappear from your mind, and see sunroofs as more of a giant, whirling, suction vortex that causes any loose piece of paper to repeatedly slap you across the face, causing momentary blindness? The …

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Britain’s Got Talent


Fastest Flying Spur Another uber-fast four-seater that Bentley owners never asked for, because let’s face it, for vaporising the speed limit, they’d have the keys to something like a Ferrari 458 tucked in their pocket. But this one hasn’t settled for just being faster… it’s the fastest Bentley ever. How …

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Harley’s Project Rushmore

Harley-Davidson unveils 2014 community-driven Project RUSHMORE models

Project Rushmore, a giant step for Harley Davidson; a tiny step for mankind. Amidst all of the glitz and glamour, Harley Davidson announced the arrival of Project RUSHMORE, a year ago. Why All the Hype? The Harley brand is built on tradition, and lifestyle. So, when they built a “new” …

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Subaru WRX STI


The original King of Bad is back to sling dirt in the faces of the conservative hatches. Once again, it relies on pub-chat topics, like that Lambo-copied wing that flips airspeed into grip, and that bodywork peeled back around the engine with a huge vent on top . Pity the …

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Audi TT


Lately, the sliding Rand has forced people to downgrade their set of wheels to a TT, and that’s the Toyota Tazz and not Audi’s agile two seater. Although the Audi now costs about as much as a Porsche Boxster, the TT’s new, steroid-boosted confidence revealed at Geneva Motor Show might …

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Clean ‘N’ Mean


Hypercar Elite There’s a lot of peer pressure in the hypercar world. Ever since McLaren rolled out its number-beating P1, Ferrari’s spies quickly assembled their A-Team to work on LaFerrari, and Porsche stopped churning out family cars to ready the 918. Each brand now has its own hero and not …

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KTM Freeride 250


Is the Freeride a toy? I was scrambling up the notorious Butch’s Hill aboard the Freeride in De Wildt recently, and that is the question I was asked by an interested off-roader. This bike is certainly not a plaything; in fact, it is probably the most capable enduro machine I …

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Mercedes S63 AMG


Ever wondered how soothing a hot stone massage at 250km/h would be? We guess your chiropractor wouldn’t be so pleased, but that’s the recipe when Merc’s savage AMG scientists put a loving arm around the neck of Merc’s chauffeur-driven S-Class. And they’ve really outdone themselves with the tyre-slaying power of …

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McLaren P1 in the Rogue Rally


The Rogue Rally is on its way, and just when we thought that this exotic car road show couldn’t get more exciting, the good fellas at Daytona Group, and SAP have just announced that they’ll be bringing in the McLaren P1 from the UK. The McLaren team, along with their …

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Kawasaki Z1000


Is it ugly? I think the ugly duckling has grown into a duck; I was going to say, “swan,” but that would be pushing it a bit too far. The controversial styling of the Big Zed has always created a debate, but this new animal possesses a much more predatory …

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