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Comedy Central Airs Friends Season 9 & 10


This August, Comedy Central will be airing the legendary Season 9 & 10 of Friends. This first aired on Monday 08 August at 15:50 CAT.


In Season nine, baby fever has hit the friendship circle hard. Now that Rachel has Emma, Monica and Chandler decide they’re ready to become parents too or at least they should start trying. Ross and Rachel hit a speed bump and Rachel moves in with Joey. Who has feelings for whom is the true theme of this season as sentiments run amiss among some of the friends. Good news is, Phoebe stays well out of it and meets a new man. After a harrowing finale of unrequited love, Season 10 picks up right where Season nine left off… in Barbados. In the final season one of the friends get hitched and a new baby joins the fold.


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