RAW Research collection presentation Paris, France
RAW Research collection presentation Paris, France


Born from the brand’s innovation laboratory, Raw Research II embodies the latest efforts to explore the unlimited possibilities of denim. The Raw Research lab experiments with product design by clashing tradition and innovation, and symbolizes an endeavor to find new ways of crafting denim through the process of exploration, curiosity, and experimentation. The Raw Research capsule collection introduces the brand’s latest denim innovations as prototypes, functioning as the blueprints for the following main collection and representing the G-Star RAW design philosophy in its purest form.

The highlight innovation of the second Raw Research collection is a brand new 3D denim concept which challenges the conventions of denim design: the ‘Motac’ series. This unique approach to garment construction is the result of a focused ergonomic study of the human body in motion. The approach of combining rigid denim with flexible fabric inserted panels results in unexpected product hybrids – such as the motocross inspired Motac-X jeans -and is a significant advancement towards new possibilities for denim design.

For this collection, the iconic Dutch tulip was used as a conceptual backdrop. The flower -prominent in the Hans Bollongier ‘Floral Still Life’ 1639 painting which also features in the exhibition space – serves as a metaphor for the Dutch ‘Tulipmania’ and the inevitable collapse of its economic model based on exclusivity. The ‘tulip fever’ originates from the country’s economic boom period of the 1630s, at the height of which a single tulip bulb was worth more than a luxury home. Through Raw Research II, Throup flips the historic Dutch symbolism of wealth and status connected to the iconic blossom. He does so by reflecting that while the capsule collection is offered exclusively through selected stores, the innovations it introduces outlive this exclusivity through their direct influence and dissemination into future G-Star RAW general collections, available for everyone.

The Raw Research II capsule collection is the first one after the announcement of Aitor Throup as the brand’s Executive Creative Director. It mirrors the vision of the artist and designer as to how he sees the future of denim through G-Star RAW.

The collection will be available in select high-end concept stores around the world from early June 2017.

RAW Research collection presentation Paris, France
RAW Research collection presentation Paris, France

G-Star RAW

Founded in 1989, G-Star RAW remains driven by a philosophy of “Just the Product”. With this dedication to quality and progress, the brand represents the forefront of the denim industry, producing pioneering products and rapidly growing into a global brand. Since inventing the ‘3D Denim’ approach to jeans construction in 1996, with the creation of the G-Star Elwood, G-Star now offers a wide range of apparel, accessories, footwear, and eyewear, alongside its jeans core.g-star.com


Aitor Throup

Aitor Throup is an Argentinian-born British designer, artist and creative director. Throup’s multi-disciplinary design house ‘A.T. Studio’ collaborates across multiple industries and develops the conceptual clothing brand ‘New Object Research’. Both the studio and the brand are committed to imagining and creating new ways of story-telling through object design and the production of related materials. Throup is currently Executive Creative Director at G-Star RAW. aitorthroup.com

Instagram: @aitor_throup

Facebook: /AitorThroupStudio

Twitter: @aitor_throup

Tomorrow Ltd

Tomorrow Ltd is the exclusive sales partners of the G-Star RAW Research collection. An international sales platform, Tomorrow operates four showrooms around the world, one of which is in Paris. The company focuses on all key market segments: high end womenswear and menswear, contemporary womenswear and menswear, as well as accessories. tomorrowltd.com


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