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Hacks For The Well-Groomed Traveling Man.


Most men have a similar pre-flight routine: Throw some clothes at a suitcase – check; If you’re really metrosexual, give your shoes a quick polish – umm OK; Run for the airport – check. Today (19 August) is Men’s Grooming Day, so what better time to re-think that checklist and …

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TBT To The Time We Reviewed The Pagani Huayra.


Meth isn’t the only explosive thing that can be cooked up in someone’s backyard, just ask Mr Pagani and his pet Huayra, that’s “wai-rah” to you, which at some point could brag that it was the fastest road legal car. Think Zonda with the crazy dialed in at 11 and …

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Wireless Charger That Levitates Your Phone Whilst It Charges!


OvRcharge levitating wireless phone charger (Photo: AR Designs Since magnets are used both for levitating and wirelessly charging stuff, why not combine them into one awe-inspiring device? Maybe because in levitation, the magnets push away, whereas they pull towards each other when charging. But hey, apparently someone’s found a way …

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Study Finds That Being Well Groomed Leads To A Better Paycheck.


We all like money, right? Right. We love money. It’s human nature! No shame, no shame.But did you know that there’s one foolproof way to make your paycheck significantly fatter? It might all boil down to shaving regularly and having a clean cut look. Seriously. Researchers  found that well-groomed men earn …

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Woman Crush Wednesday : Mikaela Hoover


Photography Anthony Evans Gorgeous American actress Mikaela Hoover, shares with Maxim what gets her going and what her hopes, dreams and aspirations are. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? To be present and live in the moment. How old were you when you started …

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Entrepreneur, Shashi Naidoo To Open Laser Beautique.


Naidoo is a South African is an Entrepreneur, TV Personality and Model. Naidoo was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, matriculating from Alexander Road High School in 1997. She moved to Johannesburg to study chiropractic medicine, which she completed in 2007 at the University of Johannesburg. Already being a force …

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OMEGA’s High-Tech Timekeeping In Olympic Games Golf.

Sergio Garcia at Rio 2016

12th August, Rio de Janeiro: As golf returns to the Olympic Games for the first time in 112 years, OMEGA, the Official Timekeeper of Rio 2016, has implemented a number of timekeeping technologies around the new course that all work together to generate information. Firstly, to keep track of scores, …

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How About A Laser-beamed Brozillian?


Article by Greg Forbes It’s the Olympic Games, and celebrating everything Brazilian, we chose to look at some grooming trends that, well, are a little less conventional, but which would certainly be on-trend in progressive cities like Rio. When you think grooming and Brazil, naturally the first thing that comes …

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