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Myth Busting Food


Food carries a lot of myths and urban legends, and a lot of them stem from desperate parents trying to force feed their bratty, first-world children a bowl of vegetables. We thought of these myths and decided to do a little bit more research on a few of them in …

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Samsung Launches UHD TVs In SA

Curved UHD TV U9000

We’ve come a long way with TVs, from tiny, black and white, microwave-looking things, to morbidly obese looking pieces of technology, to super thin and slick HD flat screens. Samsung’s been a part of that journey and is now standing at the peak of that mountain, proudly mounting a flag …

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Whisky With Three Ships’ Master Distiller


Whether it’s poured up by a stressed-out mob boss or drank wrongly for the first time by high school newbies, whisky remains loved all over the world. And so, in commemoration of World Whisky Day which was on the 17th of May, and the great Three Ships Whisky, we got Three …

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Quick At-Home Workouts


Want to get fit but can’t hit the gym as often as you’d like, because  you’re swamped by spreadsheets and other things the real world throws at you? Here are a few quick and simple workouts that will help you burn fat and build muscle, all with the sound of …

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Garmin Approach S4 Smart Watch

Garmin cover

Who says golf has to be bland and drenched in khaki pants? This touchscreen golf GPS watch has 30 000 preloaded courses and pinpoint accuracy, always putting you a chip and a put away, trust. It’s also waterproof for up to ten meters, just in case the whisky you had …

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Winter Fly With Superdry


During winter, we’re constantly fighting the urge to throw on a stained hoodie and sweatpants, because sliding on a cold pair of dark denims to look “presentable” doesn’t trump the need to thaw our left testicle. And if we aren’t giving into a hoodie, we’re attempting to layer our clothes …

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Review: Picotech’s Portable Phone Charger


You’re at a corporate function all alone and you know no one there. So, in efforts of not looking like a lost puppy, you whip out your trusty cellular device and plough away at Temple Run with an “I’m handling important emails and responding to my popular Instagram account” facial …

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A Sneak Peak at Ben Affleck as Batman


There may have been reservations and protests from diehard Batman fans on having Ben Affleck play Batman, especially after he flopped harder than John Goodman attempting to dive into a swimming pool in Daredevil. But, the Batman train still proceeded to toot on, running over people’s doubts and leaving a …

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Top 5: Places to Party in SA


Wanna know where the party’s always happening here in SA? We’ve got you covered, keep the water and headache tablets close. 1.) The VIP Room: Located in the heart of Sandton’s bustling business mall, The VIP Room’s an awesome 300 square meter space that oozes the frequency of work hard …

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Occulus Rift Flight Simulator


All it took was a group of nerds crammed in a dorm room plagued by the smell of cheese and loneliness, to make me realize that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was when I hid pornography in a folder named, “Mormon Church baptism photos and other stuff …

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