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Helpful Hottie: Sabina Essa

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Photo: Richard Cook   Should I tip my petrol attendant and how much? Yes, please do. They work hard and I’m sure you don’t want to mess petrol on yourself? R10 seems like the right amount.   What’s a good second language to learn? French. It was close to being …

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Circus Maximus: Tamlin Cardoso

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Hometown: Boskruin, JHB  Age: 22  Birth date: 22 November 1990 Pets: Chubby my British Bulldog Three things I can’t live without: 1. Carbs 2. Reality TV 3. Wine I would be embarrassed if you looked in my wardrobe and saw the chaos after a morning of deciding what to wear. …

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The Lowdown on the BMW i3

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The futuristic BMW model faces many challenges like range limitation, universal charging points and the less-spoken ecological damage of producing and disposing of batteries, but  BMW have not deterred from forging ahead with its first electric model in the i3. The cabin is furnished from organic and recyclable materials resulting …

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The art of picking up beautiful babes!


By Jodie Peter Adam Lyons was given a book to read by Neil Strauss called ‘The Game’. This book changed his whole life. It was analytical by breaking down situations. “I felt I could do this, it intrigued me. Dating is a game in the beginning and that’s what we …

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AB de Villiers, world famous cricketer and USN ambassador chats to us about his fitness plans and what he thinks of Maxim SA.


By Jodie Peter What are you up to at the moment? I just got back from honeymoon. It’s going to be hard work for the 2 weeks to get fit again. I leave for India next Sunday to play in the Champions League, a domestic tournament for the Nashua Titans …

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