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How To Do The Worm By Candace Bailey


By: Nick Leftley. The geek goddess teaches you how to get wriggly. 1. Down and Arch “Get on your knees with your legs spread shoulder width apart. Lean back to give yourself some momentum so that when you roll, you can achieve some height.” 2. Roll Out “Roll forward onto …

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The 5 Best Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs


By: Steve Urena. Most people hate something about their job. Whether it’s the low pay, the crazy commute, your irritating coworkers, the awful customers, the mindset of your dickweed boss, or the fact that some companies deem it inappropriate to look at beautiful, semi-naked Maxim models at work, there’s always …

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EFC AFRICA 25: The heat is on!

06 November - SPARKS FLY AT GRANDWEST-3_resized

                                                       EFC AFRICA Lightweight Championship                                                        DON MADGE VS. LEON MYNHARDT & EFC AFRICA Light heavyweight Championship GIDEON DROTSCHIE VS. FRASER OPIE PLUS MICHIEL OPPERMAN vs. FRANCOIS KABULU BRENDON GROENEWALD vs. BERNARDO MIKIXI VANDAM MBUYI vs. SORS GROBBELAAR AND SEAN ROBINSON vs. CHRIS DU PONT CHRISTOPHE WALRAVENS vs. ROELOF SCHEEPERS …

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A kick ass guide: don’t sweat the small stuff!


 by Jodie Peter Love your job but dread to be in a colleague’s company? Dude, you’re not alone. Most work environments consist of people who are easy to get along with and people who are difficult to work with. The trick is to know how to deal with each draining …

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The worst pick-up lines in the history of chatting up!


1. You remind me of a parking ticket…Because you’ve got FINE written all over you. Cough cough… 2. Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? Brain fart, anyone? 3. Your middle name must be angel. This is more of a joke than a pick-up line. 4. Come here often? …

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Get ready to rock the hard way!


The iconic Hard Rock Cafe set to open before the end of 2013 in Jozi! Yes, it’s true! Hard Rock International is pleased to announce plans to bring the brand’s one-of-a-kind blend of music, entertainment and authentic scratch-based cuisine to Johannesburg with a state-of-the-art location showcasing Hard Rock’s new design …

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Fashions of the Future (If We Believe Movies)


By: Nick Leftley Before we begin, a simple rule: these movies are all movies that are still in our future: that means no Time Cop (that was supposed to be 2004, along with Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome) no Clockwork Orange (it was set in 1995) and no 2001 (we forget …

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4 Aphrodisiac Foods That Could Ruin Your Sex Life In Weird Ways


  By: Chris Carpenter Boner alert: Scientists/bloggers at NaturalNews recently compiled a list of sensual aphrodisiac foods that are said to improve your sex life. Surprisingly, our date night go-tos – Cheetos and Red Bull – didn’t make the list. Which is weird, because we always score, although admittedly our …

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How to be in a good mood everyday by Jodie Peter


Caffeine fix: Coffee is packed with antioxidants which keeps you super healthy! Have you ever had a cup and your day went from average Joe to supercool? Moderation is the key, ideally 2-3 cups a day. Coffee can help you stay awake, alert, improve cognitive function, help elevate moods, and …

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Meet Layla Ismailov, our Monday midday hottie alert!

IMG_9792HR2 - Resized_resized

  There are going to be thousands of eyes reading this, tell us a little bit more about what you are up to at the moment. A while back myself and one of my closest friends launched a Men’s clothing brand called DRANGED. It’s doing really well in the fitness …

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