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5 Things You Need To Know About Aston Martin Cars.


Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer reckons his company is just a bit like the sport of cricket, implicitly understood within British commonwealth countries, with only vague passing awareness in the rest of the world. For understanding beyond Aston Martin’s association with James Bond, Palmer’s aim it to spread the word …

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5 Ways To Be The Alpha In Any Room.


(Photo: David Roemer/ Trunk Archive) Dating coach and author John Alexander has spent over a decade helping men go alpha. In our March issue, Alexander shares five important guidelines to help a sophisticated man walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.  1. Keep your body and face open and relaxed. …

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Mercedes Unleashes The Ultimate Golf Cart..And It’s The Coolest Thing Ever.


Original Post by Jared Paul Stern Meet the electric Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Cart, which aims to elevate cruising the links to a whole new level of luxury. It’s the result of input from both golf and car lovers that Mercedes solicited to literally change the game. Mercedes-Benz Of …

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Grooming Mistakes Every Man should Avoid.


1. Unkept Nails There’s nothing worse than slightly  overgrown and grubby fingernails on a dude, especially since women have the tendency of needing to tick off “Good Hands” on their Eligible Bachelor Criteria list.  Keep your fingernails short and clean with a nail clipper and file, because your hands are …

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PUMA’s Boltmoji Is The New Way to Message Faster!


PUMA has developed a fun Forever Faster way to cheer on Usain Bolt – from the comfort of your mobile device. WHAT?Yes. Boltmoji, an emoji keyboard starring the world’s fastest man, will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play through the following links: For iOS: Click …

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Mafia Release The Official Trailer For Lincoln Clay- The Soldier


2Kand Hangar 13 have released a new trailer for Mafia III titled “Lincoln Clay – The Soldier,” the first in a series of six features based on the upcoming open-world crime game rolling out in the coming weeks. Each feature will highlight the important characters in Mafia III that you need to know. Up first …

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No Time For Gym? Quick Fix Workouts You Can Do At Home.


Want to get fit but can’t hit the gym as often as you’d like, because  you’re swamped by spreadsheets and other things the real world throws at you? Here are a few quick and simple workouts that will help you burn fat and build muscle, all with the sound of …

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Ackermann playing a game of Smoke and Mirrors


By Brandon Going   With the Lions being South Africa’s last bastion of hope in terms of realistic Super Rugby silverware, it was with great confusion and incredulity when Johan Ackermann named his side to face the Jaguares over the past weekend. The permutations were simple enough, win and you …

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TBT To The Time Winzz Created Earphones Specifically For Porn.


You ever been watching porn and thought, “You know, this clip would be so much better if they increased the bass and reduced the treble in this guy’s moan.” Right. Neither have we. But a Taiwan-based company called Winzz  has developed earphones used exclusively for pornography, and believe it or …

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Pannhorst Interactive Web Special: Porsche 964 Turbo S Lightweight


The web special series ‘Pannhorst Classics Interactive’ is live now! For a start they have a real special autombile: the Porsche 964 3.3 Turbo S Lightweight, #3 of only 86 built cars worldwide (Worth more than 1.5 mil Euro). The user can discover the Porsche by himself and the virtual …

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