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Rising Star


In the space of a few years, South African Sharlto Copley has starred in a significant amount of box-office-crushing Hollywood movies, Oscar-nominated District 9, The A-Team, Elysium, Maleficent. We sat down with the star to talk about Chappie, his latest work, and also, to find out just how it felt …

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Cloak and Data


Say there’s this woman. You went out twice (or was it three times?). Maybe you’re just not feeling it, or perhaps she has an unsettling fondness for obscure emojis. Whatever the case, things didn’t work out. But she’s already deep in your digital business, thumbs-upping your Facebook statuses, sending you …

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The Grand White Event


We’re passionate about finesse, from the clothes we throw on, all the way down to the food we adorn our palettes with. And every once in a while, there comes an event that causes our passions to ram into each other, and in this case, it’s the Grand White event. …

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Marlon Wayans


The star of the Scary Movie franchise and the hilariously funny White Chicks prepares for his death with us. How do you want to go? I wanna die having sex. Return to the same place I came from. What kind of Scary Movie–style death would you definitely not want? Anything that …

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Review: Awolnation’s “Run”

2 AWOLNATION by Kari Rowe

When you look at Aaron Bruno, Awolnation’s frontman and founder, he’s a rather unassuming guy, hair neatly combed in a style you’d find at a law firm, face clean shaven. Never would you think that this is the guy behind the aggressively catchy song, “Sail.” I remember the first time …

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These days, character-driven movies are few and far between, with bloated, Hollywood special effects, or dumbed-down comedies ruling the box office. But every now and again, an ingenious, well-crafted piece of cinema manages to appear and blow our socks off. Nightcrawler is one of those movies, a smart and engaging …

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Inspiration Reads


Here are 5 inspirational books to make this year the best year ever. Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert A hilarious, yet insightful look at a human being’s imagination, and why visualising our future can be so tricky. Daniel Gilbert, a prominent, Harvard psychologist, based this book on scientific research aimed …

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Nomzamo Mbatha


I’m flicking through the TV, jabbing on the remote, when suddenly my thumb freezes… it’s Nomzamo Mbatha. This isn’t the first time she’s had my eyes wide, mouth open, captivated by a 2 by 2 flatscreen TV. The first time was when I saw her on MTV Base’s VJ Search, …

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Christopher Walken


The quirky screen legend loves your impression of him. His only request? More cowbell. Between those two roles, your scenes in Pulp Fiction and True Romance, your Saturday Night Live performances and that Fatboy Slim video, the argument could be made that you have the best, greatest hits reel of …

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Bobby Moynihan


The SNL-er and star of the sick animated series Chozen is going six feet under. How do you want to go? I would like to implode, somehow. And what’s your loud-mouthed, Saturday Night Live character Anthony Crispino’s version of how you died? “So, uh, you hear about this thing, though? …

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