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Make Food for the Munchies


It’s that cooking show Granny Wilma probably wouldn’t write home about, but one that’ll probably get the average guy involved without his girlfriend having to emotionally blackmail him. That show involves internet sensations Brothers Green, Mike and Josh Green, two brothers who whip up good ol’ fashioned food for, you …

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The Savanna Newcomer Showcase


Next month on the 31st of May, SA’s top, on-the-rise comedians will go head to head on stage as they fight to be nominated for this year’s Savanna Newcomer Award. 20 comedians have only 5 minutes to lay out their stand-up comedy set and make the crowd’s cheekbones ache. They’ll …

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Adam Scott


As he wraps up the final season of Parks and Recreation, the actor recalls when he stopped being so serious, and found his inner comic. Adam Scott is seriously hilarious. Few actors nail the droll deadpan better than he does as sci-fi-loving auditor Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation,soon to …

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CGI Brings Him Back to Life


When a lot of use heard about Paul Walker’s tragic death, in the context of the Fast and Furious franchise, we wondered how they would put together the hit movie without its legendary actor. Would they include his death in the movie? Would they film the rest without him? Well, …

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Furious 7 Breaks SA Records


Even in his death, the late Paul Walker is still making moves, smashing the South African box office in half this Easter weekend with Fast and Furious 7. Walker’s box-office hit swiftly cruised passed Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie more painful than the S&M it endorses, hitting a staggering R20 …

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World War III Comes to Durban


Are you ready for EFC 38 this Saturday in Durban? Be sure to catch the weigh-ins at 14:00 this afternoon, and have a look at the trailer on what to expect this weekend.  

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Rising Star


In the space of a few years, South African Sharlto Copley has starred in a significant amount of box-office-crushing Hollywood movies, Oscar-nominated District 9, The A-Team, Elysium, Maleficent. We sat down with the star to talk about Chappie, his latest work, and also, to find out just how it felt …

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Cloak and Data


Say there’s this woman. You went out twice (or was it three times?). Maybe you’re just not feeling it, or perhaps she has an unsettling fondness for obscure emojis. Whatever the case, things didn’t work out. But she’s already deep in your digital business, thumbs-upping your Facebook statuses, sending you …

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The Grand White Event


We’re passionate about finesse, from the clothes we throw on, all the way down to the food we adorn our palettes with. And every once in a while, there comes an event that causes our passions to ram into each other, and in this case, it’s the Grand White event. …

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Marlon Wayans


The star of the Scary Movie franchise and the hilariously funny White Chicks prepares for his death with us. How do you want to go? I wanna die having sex. Return to the same place I came from. What kind of Scary Movie–style death would you definitely not want? Anything that …

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