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Training Tuesday: Going “Back” To Basics


Tips to keep you in check: Don’t Look to the Side. Stop checking your form… as contradictory as it sounds. It puts unnecessary strain on your neck. Keep Your Neck In Line With Your Spine. Similar reasoning to the above. Keep Your Back Straight. All of it, even your lower back. Don’t …

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Training Tuesday: 8 Facts About The Rock


He didn’t wake up like this. He begins every day with cardio, followed by weight training; His diet consists of an estimated 8000 calories per day, in seven meals; The Rock trains six days a week; Yes, he does drink. Tequila is a guilty pleasure; Cheat meals are definitely factored …

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Workout Wednesday: Let’s Focus on Your Wheels


Toughen up and train your legs like a man. Squat – 2 warm up sets of 12-15 reps; 5 sets of 8-10 work sets *try go a bit lighter than what you would normally squat. Why? Because “ass-to-grass” is real, guys. Go lower before you go heavier* Seated Leg Curl …

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Training Tuesday: Crushing The Gym Myths


Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The new year “resolutionists” have left the gym, and you have the bench back to yourself. Over the past few weeks you have had the misfortune of listening to the newbies professing to know every finer detail of exactly how to do …

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FNB Cape Town 12 OneRun Is Coming, Cape Town


www.thecapetown12.com The streets of Cape Town will be teaming with activity on Sunday, 15 May 2016 when runners, joggers and walkers line up to partake in the action of the city’s most exciting 12km race, the second annual FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN. A proudly Cape Town event, the FNB …

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Boxing: The Sport And Salary Of Champions.


The History of It All Boxing, also known as the sweet science, has roots that go all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Back then, fights would take place without gloves only leather strapped on to the hands. This resulted in even more gruesome, deadly battles. The first …

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Workout Wednesday – Chest Exercises For The Next Month


A well-built chest is something that we all strive for. Unless you are the type to consider implants (please, no), pumped up pecs are a subtle way of saying, “I earned this by putting in the hours.” Here are 16 different chest exercises to keep you busy for the next …

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Some Monday Motivation… The Deadmill Sprint.


If you are still struggling with some stubborn body fat, or want to increase your fitness levels quickly, give these a try. People at gym will stare at you. They will ask you if you know how to turn on the treadmill. They will shut up very quickly once they …

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No, It’s Not Just For Girls – You Need To Stretch Too


By Mike Robertson. There are 4 very real reasons you should be stretching: Improves flexibility imbalances between sides. I know what some of you are thinking, “Human beings aren’t perfect, so why bother?” Just because we aren’t perfect doesn’t mean we can’t strive to improve our current physical state. After …

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