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Some Courtney Love


We had the pleasure of getting to know the gorgeous model, Courtney Maye, and since our mamas and grandmamas always taught us to share (and that we would die of pneumonia if we didn’t wear a jersey in 20-degree weather), we decided to let you in on a couple of …

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Double Trouble: Cruz Sisters


In most families made up of girls, there’s always the unwillingly infamous “ugly sister” who got conceived from the leftover bits at the bottom of the gene jar. Well, that’s not the case with the Cruz sisters, products of one of the most immaculate gene pools we’ve ever hung around in our lives. We …

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Well, hello, Carmen!


We had a chat with the model slash musician slash designer slash goddess, Carmen Ortega. The American beauty could  give men bruises just by strutting around, because of all those curves in the right places. We’re not complaining. Age: 27 Star Sign: Aquarius Location: Los Angeles, USA Hello, Carmen. Has …

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Meet, Korrina Rico.


Very rarely do you find a gorgeous woman like Korrina Rico with an unreal humility, and a genuinely kind heart that doesn’t have “I rehearsed this for a pageant” written all over it. Maxim was lucky enough to have a chat with the Horrible Bosses 2 star, an actress with a natural beauty that doesn’t …

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Behind the Scenes:Chelsea

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 1.20.16 PM

She’s deadly. Capable of giving a group of men at a club stiff necks at the same damn time from snapping their heads back as she walks past. The dame is a bombshell, blowing men’s minds out legally and we had the opportunity to sit down with her and find out exactly how …

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A Chat with the Beaut, Danielle Treml


We’ve got a high school crush on Danielle Treml. We’re pretty sure that if we went to the same high school as her back in the day, we’d be shooting spit ball’s at her through our pens in a pathetic attempt to get her attention; that’s the kind of effect …

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Jeana Turner, Ain’t She A Belter?


We a chat with the smoldering Jeana Turner and let her whisper sweat nothings into our ears, which we then gathered into a big ball of “Oh, my g-d, she’s so hot!” which we then turned into a quick interview to give to you. Enjoy. Hometown: Minneapolis Occupation: Freelance model …

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Behind The Scenes With Tracy [Video]


Tracy McGregor’s beauty is on steroids. Seriously, that’s how strong it is, and it’s got every guy around the world’s heart in a headlock that they’re super fine with, because she’s super fine. That’s why we had to have this beauty of an international model and fashionista sprawled on the …

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Holy cow, Megan Retzlaff!


“Holy cow,” we whispered to ourselves when we first saw Megan, trying not to rip off our shirts and pound our chests like alpha gorillas on heat. “All men are created equal?” No. This could not be more inaccurate. You see, Megan Retzlaff is not the equivalent of any make-up-plastering …

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Have V-day done and dusted!

The Kraal at The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa

So we know how ladies are about Valentine’s Day. They’re as frantic as they were on their Matric dance, 21st and wedding day. If you really want to get into your lady’s good books read on and be the happiest dude on the planet! Really, it’s our pleasure….                                                                   The …

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