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Top 5: Ways to make people to hate you


Don’t be that guy. 1.) Shove Your “Awesome” Relationship in People’s Virtual Faces “I love you, my babe,” well, that’s nice of you to say to your lady via your Facebook status, but say it a couple more times and it’s about as annoying as the speech you get when …

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Myth Busting Food


Food carries a lot of myths and urban legends, and a lot of them stem from desperate parents trying to force feed their bratty, first-world children a bowl of vegetables. We thought of these myths and decided to do a little bit more research on a few of them in …

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“Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”

Ladies man

Whether at a restaurant or a club, picking up women without the risk of your pride falling to pieces is about as easy as playing a game of Jenga with a sudden, severe bout of Parkinson’s. Which is why we’ve stepped in for you at Maxim and put together somewhat of …

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Whisky With Three Ships’ Master Distiller


Whether it’s poured up by a stressed-out mob boss or drank wrongly for the first time by high school newbies, whisky remains loved all over the world. And so, in commemoration of World Whisky Day which was on the 17th of May, and the great Three Ships Whisky, we got Three …

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“Some Instagram with your fries, sir?”


We’ve all seen those Instagram pictures of food that have your stomach screaming at you with the ungratefulness of a wife with a Sunday Porsche. It turns out these pretty pictures of palette porn actually decrease your appetite. It seems like that food porn many of us drool over all …

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Exit Left, Push Trolley Now: Road Trip Destinations in SA


That couch you scrounged and slept on yesterday in search of pieces of peace after a fight with your girlfriend has given you Quasimodo’s posture and the old, leathery, flirt of a manager at the bar you frequent has advanced from giving you drinks on the house to trying to …

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And you thought Grade 8 was bad? A list of truly terrifying initiations


Boys will be boys, whether we’re at some college party gagging on the bottle of Vodka we’ve just guzzled down or in some jungle in Papua New Guinea turning green from some potent plant preparation we’ve just been pressured into drinking.Here’s a list of some incredibly painful male initiations boys …

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Azzaro: The Science of Scent and Attraction


So, hypothetically speaking, your hairline’s weaker than the rand, you’ve got the personality of a small town weather reporter and the closest you’ve gotten to a six-pack on your body was when you carried Castle Lites out the liquor store. Well, you need not worry. Researchers have proven that there …

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Synonymous with flutes of champagne and exquisite couture fashion, guests of the fourth annual Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo 2014 are set to attend what has now become South Africa’s most exclusive and luxury polo event on the Western Cape’s social calendar on Saturday, 01 March 2014.  Drawing inspiration from polo’s …

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The low down in Cape Town!


Men are simple creatures, besides sex they only really need the rest below for them to crack a smile…. Visit a wine farm Taste some of the finest wines in the Franschhoek valley by hiring a taxi or mini-bus to take you wine farm hopping, enjoying the various cultivars on …

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