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Porsche Carrera GT


The irony of the Carrera GT is that it’s been hiding in the shadows longer than the Cayenne and because the 911’s mugshot hasn’t changed, by Porsche’s standards the GT sits fenced between innovative and iconic. Born from a faltered start, there’s a motor sport story pumping through its veins; …

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Ferrari California T


Ferrari has always taken pride in leaching technology from its brainy F1 team,and nowhere is it clearer than in the latest California T convertible. New anti-Vettel F1 rules require the cars to have a turbo-charged engine, and judging by Ferrari’s early testing, they seem quite good at building them. In …

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A3 Sedan 1.8 TSI


Volkswagen dreamed up and perfected this two-for-one union long ago with its golden seller, the popular Golf/Jetta, but you simply have to crane your neck over to Audi’s own A3 Sedan. Turns out that gluing on a boot is not as simple as it sounds… Audi have built up this …

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A Lady in Red…


Maxim was lucky enough to be invited to the unveliing of The 458 Speciale that was held yesterday. The 458 Speciale features sepcial livery and a revised body design to the regular Ferrari 458 Italia, as well as a more powerful naturally-aspirated mid-mounted V8 engine.Viglietti Motors CEO, Mervyn Eagles says, …

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The Lowdown on the BMW i3

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The futuristic BMW model faces many challenges like range limitation, universal charging points and the less-spoken ecological damage of producing and disposing of batteries, but  BMW have not deterred from forging ahead with its first electric model in the i3. The cabin is furnished from organic and recyclable materials resulting …

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