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Review: Philips’ Wireless Portable Speaker


I’ve always stayed away from portable speakers, because I feel like the quality of sound they produce sucks, and the importance of a speaker having bass that makes your ear bleed and crystal clear sound gets lost because, “Hey! The sound isn’t that great, but at least it’s portable.”  When I …

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Samsung Launches UHD TVs In SA

Curved UHD TV U9000

We’ve come a long way with TVs, from tiny, black and white, microwave-looking things, to morbidly obese looking pieces of technology, to super thin and slick HD flat screens. Samsung’s been a part of that journey and is now standing at the peak of that mountain, proudly mounting a flag …

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Garmin Approach S4 Smart Watch

Garmin cover

Who says golf has to be bland and drenched in khaki pants? This touchscreen golf GPS watch has 30 000 preloaded courses and pinpoint accuracy, always putting you a chip and a put away, trust. It’s also waterproof for up to ten meters, just in case the whisky you had …

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Review: Picotech’s Portable Phone Charger


You’re at a corporate function all alone and you know no one there. So, in efforts of not looking like a lost puppy, you whip out your trusty cellular device and plough away at Temple Run with an “I’m handling important emails and responding to my popular Instagram account” facial …

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Occulus Rift Flight Simulator


All it took was a group of nerds crammed in a dorm room plagued by the smell of cheese and loneliness, to make me realize that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was when I hid pornography in a folder named, “Mormon Church baptism photos and other stuff …

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A Light Butt Moment: The Ass-Shaped Lamp


We’re super stoked to let you know that you can now slap a butt and get a reaction, not in the form of a restraining order, being jotted onto the Sex Offender’s list or a kick to the groin, but in the form of switching lights on. You no longer …

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inFamous: Second Son


With great power comes great responsibility…with awesome superpowers comes great fun and destruction! That’s what the Infamous games are all about, they put you in the middle of a beautifully-rendered open world, armed with in credible powers to use at your own discretion. Infamous: Second Son, is no different. You get to play Delsin …

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Run An Empire App: Game of Thrones Meets Fitness

run an emp7

Human beings, we’re territorial creatures that constantly feel the need to say, “This is mine”, whether it’s through scribbling our names on wooden desks at school or plopping some country’s flag on some planet we’ve just landed on that we in fact, do not own. Now, what if our innate …

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HOUDT’s Wooden, Wireless Keyboards


We’re no nature-obsessed hippies, and one could say that a keyboard is a keyboard, simply meant for someone to type their CV and Google something cringe-worthy in the dark of the night; but, iFix’s launch of their exclusive wooden keyboards by Houdt caught our eye and went way beyond that! …

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Canon LEGRIA mini X Release

LEGRIA mini X FSL 3 2

 LEGRIA mini X – a brand new creative camcorder that delivers professional quality audio alongside banging HD video to match. Ideal for everyday story-tellers, the LEGRIA mini X merges Canon’s signature video quality with advanced sound and a highly flexible design, making it ideal for almost any kind of video capture …

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