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Instgramers You Should Already Be Following

by Omar Osman

Instagram is the place you stalk your ex on is also a great place to find inspiration for looks you can pull off. This list of fashion bloggers and influencers will give you a whole new way of looking at your wardrobe. 


Tomas the Scandinavian founder of international men’s bespoke brand, absolute bespoke. Is great at putting together black tie looks for that special occasion. I’d recon looking at his page when you’ve got a wedding, gala or ball (far fetched, but it happens) to go to. 


There are many reasons you should be following this London based blogger. He posts more than just looks, he posts about travel and food. The looks he pulls off vary from formal wear, work wear & casual days. Mostly he posts the best looks you can pull off while traveling. He has an array of fashionable traveling looks, you don’t have to look like a slob while on holiday and he can help you change that outcome. 


Mr Raro the head designer of Mararo an Italian fashion house is an absolutely dapper bloke. He brings an authentic Italian influence to the formal environment. If you looking to go to work making a statement he is the guy you should look to for influence. He is great at pulling off double breasted suits, high waisted pants and shirts with some fun details. 


Vincenzo Langella the Italian fashion influencer pulls off looks that not everyone can do. I don’t expect a 42 year old office gent to be following his colourful, very loud looks. But when you go through his account for a while you will find some really inspirational looks that you could pull off for occasions like the Durban July or The J&B Met. Also his formal shoe collection is off the hook! 


Mirko Salvetti is my go to account for time pieces. He is an avid watch collector. Showing off the latest high end time pieces and how to pull them off with different looks. Inspiration for some dudes who’ve just got around half a mil lying around for a Rolex. 


Finally this sneaker head has a great account for news on the latest sneakers being released all over the world. I love this account because he is not bias towards any brands. He is just a lover of the sneaker game. Very great account when you’re in the market for new sneakers or you like me and you just love looking at them. “

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