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Meet Layla Ismailov, our Monday midday hottie alert!


There are going to be thousands of eyes reading this, tell us a little bit more about what you are up to at the moment.

A while back myself and one of my closest friends launched a Men’s clothing brand called DRANGED. It’s doing really well in the fitness industry at the moment. We’ve also recently launched a ladies brand called WILDCAT. It focuses on accentuating the female form, highlighting all her sexy curves in a fresh and feminine way.

Where can fans see more of you and your work?

My personal Instagram is @wildcatsa, Twitter @DrangedSA, you can find me on Facebook and also at www.dranged.co.za.

You look amazing in these shots! I’m guessing a lot of work goes into maintaining such a great figure? What is your training regime like?

I’m lucky enough to have one of the best Kickboxing trainers in SA, so be nice or I’ll kick your ass!

Did you enjoy shooting with Preyen?

Preyen is one of my favourite photographers to work with. In my opinion he’s one of the biggest talents in SA today.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?  IMG_9672HR3 - Resized_resized

My lips and my ‘teddies’ of course 🙂


What did you want to be growing up? 

Wonder Woman

You never leave the house without? 

My iPhone & Blackberry

Favourite TV show? 

Hit The Floor

Best advice you can give our readers? 

People will always talk, so give them something to talk about.

Dream job? 

My current job is pretty dreamy I think.

Dream car? 

Aston Martin.

Night on the town or night on the couch at home? 

The couch wins head over heels, nine out of ten, but only with the right partner 😉

If you could be someone for a day who would it be? 

One day inside any man’s head will do. Ha, ha!

photos by Preyern Moodley

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