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New Year’s Resolutions, And Tools to Keep Them

New Year’s Resolutions are as much part of the festive season as the Christmas tree and the turkey, cards and gifts. MMD, a leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, offers people valuable tools to help them keep their resolutions once the holly and mistletoe are swept away: innovative displays that keep eyes fresh, and workplaces neat and tidy, as well as making working hours more productive.

Stay focused
Constant distraction, and not just from an untidy desk, is routinely cited as a major barrier to getting things done at work. With the background hum of voices, phones and people stopping by, it’s often difficult to concentrate. What better way to stay focused than with a bigger monitor or one that curves gently around one’s line of sight to create more personal space? A staple of high-class screens like the Philips Brilliance Curved UltraWide display are now moving into offices as well as living spaces. The curved shape means people don’t need to turn their head as much to see content at the edges of the screen, creating a far more immersive working session with minimal distraction. And the curved screen is also fun, making entertainment far more compelling.

Stay healthy
When we talk about staying healthy, it’s easy to forget our eyes. Users spend more time than ever interacting with digital devices such as tablets, phones and desktop displays, and the hours of screen time make eyes work extra hard. A flickering screen will impair concentration and even cause headaches. More seriously, continuous exposure to the blue light of display devices is shown to increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the most common cause of vision loss in industrialized countries in the 50-plus age group.

These are exactly the sort of health-and-wellbeing challenges people can address with the right choice of a display. Philips Flicker-free technology, which now features in all the latest displays from Philips monitors, regulates the screen to create an ultra-stable picture that keeps eyes fresh even after hours of viewing. And the new Philips SoftBlue technology shifts the blue-light wavelengths to safer ranges. Displays using this special LED technology reduce light at harmful wavelengths by over 90% – and still maintain full color fidelity or brightness. So users can protect their eyes without making their job more difficult by distorting colors.

Improve wellbeing at work
Having a display that can be adjusted to different viewing levels also matters hugely to wellbeing. With the Philips SmartErgoBase, users can tilt, swivel and rotate the display to exactly their preferred position, which helps ease the physical strains of a long workday. As a welcome side effect, the base reduces cable clutter on the desk for a neater, tidier workspace with more focus and less distraction.

Get organised

If screen content is cluttered and disorganised, the solution might be to move up to the next league in terms of screen resolution. The newest displays offer superfine resolution with 4K UHD clarity. At 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, Ultra High Definition (4K) resolution packs four times as many pixels per inch of screen as Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) and delivers four times the clarity, enabling users to maintain a tidy, fresh look with multiple working areas or “zones” on their display. This year even introduced in bigger screen sizes such as 32- and even 40-inch! The viewing experience is simply stunning, with natural, gradation-free color reproduction. And users can get these supersharp visuals without choosing a screen that would take up most of their desktop. New Philips displays this year respond to growing demand for super-fine resolutions at sizes as modest as 23.8 inches.

Of course, a change of display on the desk won’t keep every New Year’s Resolution. Most of it is still up to the individual. But one thing’s for certain: with workday tools that genuinely help people focus better, keep their desk clear and take care of wellbeing, there is more time and energy left to do other things that matter. Or simply to enjoy life more.

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