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Sergio Garcia at Rio 2016

OMEGA’s High-Tech Timekeeping In Olympic Games Golf.

Laser positioning sytem_02 12th August, Rio de Janeiro: As golf returns to the Olympic Games for the first time in 112 years, OMEGA, the Official Timekeeper of Rio 2016, has implemented a number of timekeeping technologies around the new course that all work together to generate information.

Golf Scoreboard_02

Firstly, to keep track of scores, a mobile scoring system records the number of shots taken by each player. This enables the precise counting of strokes per athlete.

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36 laser positioning systems are then installed around the course with which OMEGA can identify the position of the balls. Whether it is distance from the tee or to the hole. Although these laser systems have been used in other golf tournaments, OMEGA has developed its own software to manage the data in real time. On top of that, the laser system can be used for enhanced statistics such as number of putts, fairway shots and how many shots have gone in the rough. Surrounding the golf course, there are also 11 score boards that show a current leader board with scores and player names.

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Finally, four scoreboards have been placed at ground level on four dedicated tees, all equipped with radar measurement systems. As a player tees off, information will be captured and then displayed to spectators so that they can closely follow the action. Along with the player’s name, country and current score, the scoreboard will show an immediate output of the stroke speed, estimated distance and height of the stroke.

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