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One For the Ladies – Bell & Ross Diamond Eagle

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The latest women’s watch from Bell & Ross is inspired by the celestial sphere, the vast ocean littered with stars, like clusters of shimmering islands in the dark. The BR S Diamond Eagle features a midnight blue dial studded with diamonds, like a slice of the night sky tethered to the wrist. This watch evokes a spectacular journey to the stars. A journey without travel, punctuated solely by the movement of the hands. Now boarding for an elegant night flight!

Navigation by the stars

The first aviators used visual navigation, based on observations of the sun. When night fell, it was the stars’ turn to guide their aeroplanes. The BR S Diamond Eagle pays tribute to the night skies that have always aided and fascinated pilots.

The symbolism of the stars

Long before we took to the sky, stars were already being used as points of reference for voyages by land or sea. In ancient times, navigators used the position of the stars in the night sky to find their bearings out on the ocean. Bell & Ross pays tribute to these stars, without which travellers would never have reached their destinations. In their honour, the brand has created the BR S Diamond Eagle, the latest in a line of elegant, contemporary watches aimed at sophisticated women. It features the iconic round dial set in a gentle square, and brings together a whole host of details to evoke the celestial, such as the midnight blue dial, the gleaming metal indices that pierce the darkness, and the seven diamonds that evoke the scintillating stars. Together, they form a mini Milky Way encapsulated in a watch.



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