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Your Wedding Suit: Bespoke Or Off The Rack?

By Omar Osman (Creative director of O.S Man Tailor Made)

You’ve finally taken the plunge. The whole down on one knee, tears, diamond ring and “welcome to the club” talks are all gone. It’s time to get down to the serous stuff, the wedding. 


Off the rack.

If you’re on a tight budget off the rack is the better option. You can get a decent suit for R3000-R4000. What you need to look for when shopping for your off the rack suit. 

1. Sleeve length, you should show 1/2 inch of your shirt. Nothing more, nothing less. 

2. Pants length. Should just reach your shoe, touching the tip of it. 

3. Thickness of the lapel. If you’re a wide chested gym rat or on the chubby side. Take into account the thickness of the lapel should match the width of your chest. 

4. When you close your suit jacket there should be no wrinkles around the button and it should be loose enough that two of your fingers Just manage to sneak in. 


Going bespoke is ultimate experience for any man. It’s not just a suit, it’s a long term investment. With the bespoke process if done right, you will be the decider of every single aspect of the suit. Guided by the tailor you will select the cloth your suit will be made from. Sometimes the options can be overwhelming so the tailor will take into account your skin tone, the theme of the wedding, the colour of the shoes you plan to wear it with, even the colour of your eyes just to narrow down the choices. Then a style will be selected. If it’s a black tie affair or an afternoon chilled wedding will be factors deciding on the style. The fit will be cut to every inch of your body so nothing is out of place. You will get to choose things like pocket style, lining, buttons, even put an inscription inside the suit for the one who said yes. In South Africa a bespoke suit can start at around R7000-R8000 and go up all the way to your R50000 depending on factors like the cloth and weather it’s fully hand made or machine made. 

So when you’re out there use these tips and you’ll be all good! She’s already said yes, so you’re okay on that part. 


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